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First time homebuyer infographic 0

Posted on 1, August 2015

in Category Loans, Mortgage, News, Real Estate

First Time Homebuyer Infographic   This first time homebuyer infographic is a visual shorthand for the steps to secure the mortgage to buy the 1st home. The home loan process is presented quickly and clearly. It will illustrate the process but for more information check out Sacramento Housing Magazine first time home buyer resource. The first-time homebuyer has a thrilling journey ahead. The applying for the first mortgage loan and navigating a complex housing market can be intimidating. The old saying knowledge is power can all so state knowledge gives understanding. And understanding the home buying process for the first [&hellip

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Key Ingredient Luxury Studio Apartment 0

Posted on 31, July 2015

in Category Home, News

The Key Ingredient in a Luxury Studio Apartment     By Karen Miranda   When it comes to renting a studio apartment most people think of cramped spaces, and a lack of privacy. But if you’re one of the lucky ones and you can find a luxury studio apartment, you might be pleasantly surprised. Not only do they provide you with far more amenities than you might imagine, they can be so comfortable that you may find yourself convinced that you’ve found the perfect place. The secret is to find a unit that meets some very specific guidelines. And one [&hellip

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Arden Park Home for sale 1

Posted on 11, June 2015

in Category Carmichael, Home, Real Estate

Arden Park home for sale Coffee Real Estate

Arden Park Home for Sale   3 master suites, pool, Large home, great neighborhood and so much more Possible MultiGenerational home   This attractive Arden Park Vista home has three master bedroom suites. There are 6 bedrooms in total. A great floor-plan, near public transportation, excellent schools and shopping is part of this area’s charm and value. There are 4 bathrooms. The back yard has a pool and plenty of space to play.     This house will make a first class multigenerational home. The mix of public and private space makes for an idea multi-generational home. This Arden Park [&hellip

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Foreclosure vs Short Sale impacts Credit Score 0

Posted on 7, April 2015

in Category Loans, Mortgage, News, Qualifying, Real Estate

Foreclosure -vs- Short Sale and the affect it has on your Credit Score   Pam Standlee owner of Credit Come Back shares this blog about the impact of foreclosure versus short sale and the affect on the individual’s credit score. The common alternatives to foreclosure, such as short sales, and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure are all “not paid as agreed” accounts, and considered the same by the scoring models. This is not to say that these may not be better options for you from a financial perspective, just that they will be considered no better or worse for your credit score. The [&hellip

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multigenerational home property and family 0

Posted on 10, March 2015

in Category Home, Housing, News, Real Estate

What is a multigenerational family?   What is a multigenerational home?       These are two important questions. First a multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home. One common feature is the desire for multiple master suites. What is a multigenerational family?   Multi-generational families are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as those consisting of more than two generations living under the same roof. Multigenerational Households come in all shapes and sizes. Naming the type of multigenerational household is not as [&hellip

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multigenerational property checklist 1

Posted on 5, March 2015

in Category Home, Housing, Real Estate

What makes a property multigenerational?   What makes a multigenerational property? The short answer is people’s needs. No one property design fits all multigenerational property wants or needs. This blog deals with many of the common features of a multigenerational property. Communication is the keys to successful multigenerational living. Getting a feel of what features are available, then discussing them is an example of open, up front communication that can save a lot of time when looking for a new home. One example is maybe Mom and Dad did not share how important it is to have an en suite [&hellip

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5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score 0

Posted on 25, February 2015

in Category Loans, Mortgage, Qualifying

5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score By Pam Standlee   1.      Check Your Credit Report: Credit repair begins with your credit report. You can request a free copy of your credit report(s) by going to (the only official site): www.AnnualCreditReport.com.  Your credit report contains the data used to calculate your score and it may contain errors. If you find errors on any of your reports, dispute them (in writing) with the credit bureau and the creditor that is reporting the error.   2.      Errors to Look For/Dispute Include: Account not mine, wasn’t late, duplicate account, incorrect balance, past due [&hellip

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Real Estate Concierge 0

Posted on 23, October 2014

in Category News, Real Estate, Stories

Is There a Concierge In Your Future?   by Danetta Kwasny   You may have seen one at the airport or maybe in a hospital or, more than likely, at your favorite hotel. Regardless of where you’ve seen a concierge, their mission is usually the same: help you get done what needs to get done quickly and easily. And when it comes to buying or selling your home, a personal concierge is a lifesaver, stress reducer, and superhero all rolled into one.   Home Buying and Selling Made Easy    Here are some of the things a personal concierge can help [&hellip

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Home Selling Tips 1

Posted on 1, October 2014

in Category News, Real Estate, Selling property

Home Selling Tips and information     What home selling tips are the most important for sellers to know?   That question was asked of 500 real estate agents. Each tip was then ranked based on the survey responses and then they used the first eight – those viewed as being “very important” by 80 percent of agents or more – to create this infographic, “Home Selling Tips Every Seller Should Know.”   Look below the infographic to find a complete list of the home seller tips included in the survey, and learn what agents thought about them.   Below [&hellip

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Sacramento VA Housing Summit 0

Posted on 20, August 2014

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Sacramento VA Housing Summit – Helping Active Duty Members and Veterans Buy Homes Written by Robert Hipwell A Huge Overlooked Market Home sellers in Sacramento are missing out on a huge market because of their misconceptions of veterans and active duty members. Sacramento has one of the largest military populations in the US – roughly 193 thousand active-duty members, retirees, and their families – yet most home sellers are overlooking them, missing out on this massive market. Civilian home sellers aren’t marketing their homes to this large consumer audience because they believe incorrectly that it’s more difficult to get approved [&hellip

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