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 Selling  Real Estate

1. Selling your house for the maximum price is imperative.

Price is generally the most important aspect to the home owner when selling.

2. How fast your house sells is significant.

Often the next important aspect of selling the house is speed. How fast it sells is frequently just as important as price.

Getting the mix of speed and price is the art of marketing your house.

Real Estate Loans

Looking to purchase a new home?

Congratulations! Getting the right mortgage could be the key to getting the right home. Our loan specialist will personally find you the best mortgage. Especially if you are a first-time home buyer. The right loan professional is vital to get the loan to fund.

Looking to refinance home?

Finding the right rate and keeping the cost of the loan is all important. Our personal "hands on" loan process can keep the cost and rates just were you want them.

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Buying Real Estate


Where do you want to live?

The neighborhood you choose to live in is extremely important to your happiness in the home.

What price range do you feel comfortable?

You can use the price range to narrow your home search.

What style of the home do you want?

We will consider a Home's Curb Appeal when finding your home.

What Floor plan?

This could be the most important issue when looking for a home. You may have very particular needs in a home.

Your house value?

It is Fast and Easy but personal. A real estate agent will personal establish your home value.

  •   Fill out simple house value form
  •    give basic contact info
  •   The Real Estate Agent does comparable
  •   Send you and up to date value for your home


Home Valuation



HousingSacramento.com’s aim is to be the real estate resource for our clients and readers. The goal is to listen to their concerns and consistently communicate with clarity. We are to maintain the highest degree of integrity when dealing with our clients and others, be our client’s advocate at all times, and endeavor to make each transaction smooth. HousingSacramento.com is to be driven by 2 concepts:  Kaizen meaning "continuous improvement" and the Golden Rule.



Horse Property

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HousingSacramento.com is the place for equestrian resources and for people looking for horse property in Northern California. And our horse property specialist can help you sell for the best price.

Northern California Horse Property info center and For Sale Horse Properties

Coffee Real Estate’s Fresh Start Program

An Innovative Home Solution

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Investment Properties

Investing in California properties that are designed to be a business operation as a resident care or group home operation increases the potential income. Each one these types of investment properties combined with a business operation has many resource needs and requirement. Due diligent is an important step in understanding the potential profit and cost.

For more information and a list of resident care homes for sale follow the link

 Real estate investing can take on many forms. 

For information and a list of real estate investment properties follow the link

Condominium information and For Sale list

Multi-Family Residential Property

REO-Real Estate Owned Properties for Sale

Multi-Generational Property 

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