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What is a multigenerational family?


What is a multigenerational home?


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These are two important questions. First a multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home. One common feature is the desire for multiple master suites. What is a multigenerational family?


Multi-generational families are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as those consisting of more than two generations living under the same roof. Multigenerational Households come in all shapes and sizes. Naming the type of multigenerational household is not as important as understanding the needs of the people living in the home. (Read more about this at: What makes a property multigenerational?)


Multi-generational homes called many names? The lists of names are part explanatory and marketing names. Some names describe the house like two homes under one roof or home within a home. Other names combine relationship with a house like granny flat, mother-in-law suite, four generations – one roof or a casita. 2Gen homes, GenSmart, Next Gen houses and many more are marketing names for multigenerational properties.


Types of multigenerational households are a way to recognize their needs and discussing general housing requirements. These four types of multigenerational families may not cover all situations, but help by establishing broad categories of housing needs and wants.


Three-generation: The most common multigenerational household arrangement consists of three generations. Grandparents, parents and children would be an example of a three-generational home. Typically they would want two master suites and then a mix of private and public rooms to meet their needs.


Two adult generations: two-generation households are two generations living together. This would not be a family living arrangement like parents and young children. One way of looking at this is two independent families living together. Some examples would be parents with an adult child or grandparents and parents. “Boomerang” children are a common way to from this type of household. Typically they would want two master suites and shared living areas.


Four-generation: The four or even five-generation household – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, adult children and their children create a complex set of social and housing needs. These family homes can have three to four master suite requirements. The amount of public and private space must be balanced between desires and budget. A 4,000 to 10,000 square feet house could be required to meet this multigenerational family’s needs.


Grand families: This family structure has the needs of a nuclear family even though it is a multigenerational family. Grand families are, households headed by an older individual or couple who live with grandchildren under age 18. They typically would want one master suite and bedrooms for the children. Two family rooms are great for this family so each generation can enjoy their own entertainment. Teen age children may need more private space, maybe even with some soundproofing to create that individual time needed.


Multi-generational properties come in many different styles and sizes. Establishing the best house set up is based on the family’s wants and needs list and budget. A room used as a den with one family may be play room or office to another. It could also be used as a second family room or game room. Identifying the unique family situation is important to finding that multi-generational property to become a new home.

Home is the key. What house features can facilitate a harmonious home life? Finding a house that can meet the needs of a Multigenerational family will go a long way to create peace at home. Enjoying the benefits of a multigenerational family can be enhanced by a house that meets the family needs. On the other hand, a house that fails to meet the needs can create discord and frustration.

Selecting a real estate agent that can help the family appreciate the housing issue of a multi-generational family can go a long way to finding the best home for the multigenerational family.


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