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Creating Property Value with Income 0

Posted on 24, November 2015

in Category Home, Housing, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate

Creating Property Value with Income Wealth creation is one of the important features of real estate. For most Americans the biggest asset they have is their home. High value homes cost a ton of money to own. Taxes, utilities, maintenance and many more money draining features of a home can create a cash flow losing asset. The rarest of real estate is a positive cash flow home. How to find one can produce a powerful personal asset. The scarcest of properties can be a home and income producing real estate. An example of this is the property in Meridian on [&hellip

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multigenerational home property and family 0

Posted on 10, March 2015

in Category Home, Housing, News, Real Estate

What is a multigenerational family?   What is a multigenerational home?       These are two important questions. First a multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home. One common feature is the desire for multiple master suites. What is a multigenerational family?   Multi-generational families are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as those consisting of more than two generations living under the same roof. Multigenerational Households come in all shapes and sizes. Naming the type of multigenerational household is not as [&hellip

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multigenerational property checklist 1

Posted on 5, March 2015

in Category Home, Housing, Real Estate

What makes a property multigenerational?   What makes a multigenerational property? The short answer is people’s needs. No one property design fits all multigenerational property wants or needs. This blog deals with many of the common features of a multigenerational property. Communication is the keys to successful multigenerational living. Getting a feel of what features are available, then discussing them is an example of open, up front communication that can save a lot of time when looking for a new home. One example is maybe Mom and Dad did not share how important it is to have an en suite [&hellip

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Real-Estate-prognosis 0

Posted on 22, June 2014

in Category Housing, Real Estate, Selling property, Stories

Real Estate Keeps Rolling On The real estate market and I keep rolling on. I had a foot surgery and now am in recovery. The real estate market had a major break down and now is in recovery mode.  Both of us need a little care, but the prognosis is for a full recovery. Restoration for me is pain free walking. I hope to have a higher quality of life after my recovery. The real estate recovery will be marked by more families buying properties to make a home. The cash buyer investor’s segment will return to a more normal [&hellip

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Sacramento Real Estate numbers November 2013 1

Posted on 5, December 2013

in Category Housing, Mortgage, News, Real Estate

Sacramento Housing Numbers November  2013 Charts are good for viewing what the data of the Sacramento housing marketing is doing. This chart of the number of Homes for Sale and Homes that Sold shows that there are many more homes for sale than are being sold.  This is a change from what we saw for the first half of the year.  The chart shows that homes were being bought as fast as they could be put on the market, but that has changed now.  The past several months have had many more homes for sale, but the number of buyers [&hellip

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Homes individual sanctuaries 0

Posted on 10, May 2013

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  Homes are individual sanctuaries “Homes are individual sanctuaries, places to think, meditate and seek understanding” by life coach Sonia Hassey, emphasizes the value of your home to create an atmosphere of peace and reflection. Finding peace and self-awareness is a deeply personal journey. Sacramento life coach Sonia Hassey takes a deeply personal journey and lets the reader share in her disappointment and failure on the way to peace and understanding. It is an intensely personal read. “Every human being was created for a purpose and everyone has unique gifts and calling to serve in the capacity of their innate [&hellip

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