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A Country Home with Amazing View 0

Posted on 26, August 2016

in Category Home, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate

A Country Home with Amazing View A Home with magnificent view connects us to nature every day. The Sutter Buttes rise out of the valley like a temple of nature. The sun’s play on the mountains from sunrise to sunset changes the color and texture of the mountains. The seasonal change makes for even a more dramatic daily show of nature. The view from this home transforms not only everyday but throughout the day. It is like having a new work of art every time you look out the window. The custom made country home creates a high quality of [&hellip

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Auburn Property under $500,000 0

Posted on 25, April 2016

in Category Home, Horse property, Investment Real Estate, Real Estate, Selling property

Auburn Property under $500,000   Enjoy LAKE views in your Tahoe style home at Lake of the Pines. So much character ~ high ceilings with exposed beams, many windows, three fireplaces, hand hewed woodwork. Convenient master suite on main floor. Downstairs has private entrance, family room and two bedrooms. Charming,custom built rock walls surround almost half of an acre. This unique home is located on a desirable street at Lake of the Pines. Exceptional value! Excellent location! 11483 Madrone Court Auburn, CA 95602 $499,000 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 | 1 Sq. Ft.: 2,236 Contact Coffee Real Estate If you have [&hellip

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Five tax opportunities for homeowners 0

Posted on 30, November 2015

in Category Home, Investment Real Estate, Loans, Mortgage, News, Real Estate

Five Tax Opportunities for Homeowners   Owning your own home has many advantages. Some of the benefits of home ownership is financial. Here are five tax opportunities for homeowners. Note with any tax information talk to your tax experts to evaluate how it will impact your personal tax situation. Mortgage Interest Deduction: This has long been one of the most valuable deductions for homeowners, especially with a new mortgage where the payments consist of mostly interest. Home Improvement Loan Interest: The same way your mortgage interest is deductible, so can be the interest on a home improvement loan. Consult your [&hellip

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Creating Property Value with Income 0

Posted on 24, November 2015

in Category Home, Housing, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate

Creating Property Value with Income Wealth creation is one of the important features of real estate. For most Americans the biggest asset they have is their home. High value homes cost a ton of money to own. Taxes, utilities, maintenance and many more money draining features of a home can create a cash flow losing asset. The rarest of real estate is a positive cash flow home. How to find one can produce a powerful personal asset. The scarcest of properties can be a home and income producing real estate. An example of this is the property in Meridian on [&hellip

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Coffee Real Estate 0

Posted on 8, August 2014

in Category Home, Horse property, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate, Selling property

Coffee Real Estate Coffee Real Estate agency is creating California’s most consumer friendly realty. Coffee Real Estate endeavor to provide home sellers with the most comprehensive options when selling their property. Coffee Real Estate empowers the home seller with options. Options are sometime complicated. But the heart and soul of Coffee Real Estate commissions are to satisfy the home seller with how much they want to pay to sell their property with the services that match. A Coffee Real Estate agent can share the options with a home seller to see which options they prefer. The first option is to [&hellip

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The benefits of a 20 percent down payment 0

Posted on 30, May 2014

in Category Investment Real Estate, Loans, Mortgage, Qualifying, Real Estate

The benefits of a 20% down payment For many conventional mortgages, you need to have a down payment of at least 5 percent of the purchase price. However, putting less than 20 percent down can have significant financial implications. Not only could a 20 percent down payment save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly payment, but you’ll build equity in the house more quickly and save a considerable amount of money on interest. One of the areas you will save the most money is PMI. PMI (private mortgage insurance) is what you pay to a lender to avoid loan [&hellip

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median home price 0

Posted on 20, January 2014

in Category Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate

What is the median home price?   One of the best ways to evaluate a local real estate market is to use the median home price. The median price can be compared to various periods to find a trend. It can be compared against the prior month, quarter, year, and other periods.   How is the median home price determined? Median is defined as the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. Another way of defining median is a mathematical result that indicates that one half of the group is higher and one half lower. The median price of [&hellip

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Solving distressed home owner problems 0

Posted on 30, October 2013

in Category Investment Real Estate, Mortgage, News, Real Estate, Selling property

“Show me the Money” Solving distressed home owners’ problems I was introduced to Mary (not real name) at a very difficult point in her life. One major problem she had was her house was severely damaged and left abandon by a family member. She was unable to pay the mortgage for many months and the lender started foreclosures proceedings. I took on the project property to hopefully do a short sale before it was sold at foreclosure. When I inspected the house and did market research of real estate values I thought I could sell the house to an investor [&hellip

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Burning Down the House 0

Posted on 18, September 2013

in Category Investment Real Estate

Burning Down the House Back in 1984, the band Talking Heads produced their Top 10 hit, “Burning Down the House.” But did you know that you might get a tax deduction for burning down your own house? Imagine you’re looking to build your dream house. You’ve found the perfect lot in the perfect location. The only problem is, there’s already a house on the lot – an old house, not worth renovating, that you’d like to get rid of as fast as possible. Sure, you can hire a contractor to come in and tear it down the old-fashioned way. But [&hellip

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Property Listing Expired in Sacramento 0

Posted on 17, September 2013

in Category Home, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate, Selling property

  Your House Listing Has Expired! What are the dangers and opportunities? Once a listing agreement with an agent expires, that agent is no longer responsible for selling the property.  The homeowners have the option of using the same agent again, getting a new agent, or trying to sell it themselves.  Even if you don’t keep the old agent, your ties to the old agent are not completely severed. In most listing contracts, there is a section that says the old agent will be the one to earn the commission if a buyer that he attracted buys the house.  So, [&hellip

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