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Arden Park Home for Sale


Arden Park Home for sale/real estate home making carmichael

3 master suites, pool, Large home, great neighborhood and so much more

Possible MultiGenerational home


This attractive Arden Park Vista home has three master bedroom suites. There are 6 bedrooms in total. A great floor-plan, near public transportation, excellent schools and shopping is part of this area’s charm and value. There are 4 bathrooms. The back yard has a pool and plenty of space to play.

Arden Park Home for sale/real estate home making carmichael



This house will make a first class multigenerational home. The mix of public and private space makes for an idea multi-generational home.

This Arden Park home has a great bonus room. What is a great bonus room? It is a combination of bonus room and great room. 4521 Valmonte Drive has almost a great room and large bonus room. Therefore it is a great bonus room.

A bonus room may be used for many different functions. Frequently, a bonus room becomes a multipurpose room or a family room. Sometimes, a bonus room is made specific, such as being turned into a home office, den, family room, home gym, home theater, playroom, or a craft and hobby center.

This home does all that and more with the large size and flexibility of the great bonus room.

Three master suites add to the flexibility and privacy of the home. One master suite is on the first floor. The other two are on the second floor. This adds a very valuable multi-generational property.

Arden Park Home for sale/real estate home making carmichael This property has an open living area. The Kitchen, Living room, and Dining room all open into an open living area. This floor plan is very desirable.

4521 Valmonte Drive is a larger home in area. This gives the property flexibility of usefulness. The large home can easily facilitate a multi-generational family or large family. This makes this property more unique and desirable.

This property is currently used as a care home. This is not a general uses for a single family home. But for the right buyer could be highly profitable. This is one of the more specialized values of the home.

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