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Citrus Heights CA homes for sale 0

Posted on 11, August 2016

in Category Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights Homes for Sale Report Why are Citrus Heights Ca homes in demand?  The three main reasons are location, style of houses and affordability. Citrus Heights California is a great location with it shopping, transportation, schools, park and so much more. Next the diverse style and size of house in Citrus Heights create demand from first time home buyers to move up and luxury home buyers.  Citrus Heights also has affordable homes. All these factors shape Coffee Real Estate Citrus Heights market report.  Homes in Citrus Heights are in a seller’s market. There are some key factors used to [&hellip

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Meadow Vista home for sale 1

Posted on 18, May 2016

in Category Foothill CA, Horse property, Real Estate, Selling property

Meadow Vista home for sale The home buying process is a way to go from wanting to own a house to actually buying a home. Each step along the way will get you closer to your goal of home ownership. The Retail way of selling a house is finding the highest paying buyer. Buyers who want a home pay the most for real estate. There are many more homes for sale in Auburn California. Havilah can find the home of your dreams. Just contact Havilah or Coffee Real Estate to find your Auburn home

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Arden Park Home for sale 1

Posted on 11, June 2015

in Category Carmichael, Home, Real Estate

Arden Park home for sale Coffee Real Estate

Arden Park Home for Sale 3 master suites, pool, Large home, great neighborhood and so much more Possible MultiGenerational home This attractive Arden Park Vista home has three master bedroom suites. There are 6 bedrooms in total. A great floor-plan, near public transportation, excellent schools and shopping is part of this area’s charm and value. There are 4 bathrooms. The back yard has a pool and plenty of space to play. This house will make a first class multigenerational home. The mix of public and private space makes for an idea multi-generational home. This Arden Park home has a great [&hellip

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Megan Law and looking for a home 0

Posted on 28, March 2014

in Category Communities, Home, News, Real Estate

Megan’s Law and looking for a home What is Megan’s law? Megan’s Law is named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, a New Jersey girl who was raped and killed by a known registered sex offender who had moved across the street from the family without their knowledge. In the wake of the tragedy, the Kankas sought to have local communities warned about sex offenders in the area. All states now have a form of Megan’s Law. California has required sex offenders to register with their local law enforcement agencies since 1947. California’s Megan’s Law provides the public with certain information on [&hellip

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Grass Valley Community 0

Posted on 26, November 2013

in Category Communities, Real Estate

Grass Valley Community Check out our up dated Grass Valley Community page. It has community information and current properties for sale. Grass Valley is in the hills and trees to the north of Sacramento. It is historically rich and makes for some of the best country living that the Sacramento Valley has to offer. Grass Valley can make an idyllic community to make a home. The appeal of Grass Valley attracts first-time home buyers, move-up buyers, and investors. The property styles varied from ranch style to two story houses, there are condos, bungalows, large estate lots and custom houses. Grass [&hellip

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Mello-Roos property tax California 0

Posted on 11, September 2013

in Category Communities, Home, Investment Real Estate, Loans, Mortgage, News, Qualifying, Real Estate

California Mello-Roos Property Tax Mello-Roos was signed into law in 1982 as a way to gain funding for new communities after Proposition 13 inhibited the raising of property taxes in California.  Though it isn’t technically a property tax, it is an additional tax that is applied to properties in newly developed areas.  The money is used to build the necessary facilities, utilities, roads, and the like for new towns.  This keeps the cost of development for the new town on the shoulders of the persons living there. Because Mello-Roos is independent of the property tax that is protected by Prop [&hellip

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Homeowners Association HOA Rules 0

Posted on 10, September 2013

in Category Communities, Real Estate

   HOA What are the Rules? When considering buying a house under an HOA, it is wise to first research the association to be sure that you can, and want to, live there.  Two of the most important things to find out are how expensive the dues are and how often they are paid.  The monthly payments might be so high that you won’t be able to afford to live there, even if you think you could afford the house. Another consideration is the set of rules that the residents must abide by.  For instance, a dog owner would be [&hellip

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HOA Homeowners Association 0

Posted on 9, September 2013

in Category Communities, Real Estate

  What is an HOA?   HOA stands for Homeowners’ Association.  An HOA is a governing board that has authority over an area like a housing development or gated community.  They have the power to write and enforce regulations in their community.  These regulations often include stipulations on things such as: exterior home maintenance, pets, using homes for commercial purposes, leaving garage doors open, washing cars in driveways, keeping RVs and boats, and sometimes more.  The exact regulations will vary from association to association, but many of them are similar. There are pros and cons to these regulations.  While they [&hellip

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North Highlands neighborhood 0

Posted on 29, May 2013

in Category Communities, Home, Mortgage, Real Estate

North Highlands neighborhood update HousingSacramento.com updated the community of North Highlands with much more neighborhood information. Check out the new and improved North Highlands page. Also if you have some insights on the North Highlands part of Sacramento County please let us Know. North Highlands, California’s zip code is 95660 and it is in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County. North Highlands can make a wonderful community to make a home. The attraction of North Highlands is the affordable neighborhoods.  This draws first-time home buyers, move-up buyers, and investors to North Highlands. North Highlands’ property styles vary from ranch style [&hellip

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Arden Oaks Neighborhood 1

Posted on 25, March 2013

in Category Communities, Home, Real Estate

Arden Oaks Neighborhood Arden Oaks is an Arden-Arcade community located just outside downtown Sacramento. Arden Oaks has grown into one of the most desirable Arden-Arcade of single family homes neighborhood. Arden Oaks has street-side mailboxes, a country-type atmosphere endures, close to shopping and major thoroughfares just outside the neighborhood. Looking for a home in Arden Oaks? Interested in Arden Oaks real estate homes for sale Click that link to find Arden Oaks homes for sale. The Arden Oaks Neighborhood is bordered by Watt Avenue, Arden Way and Eastern Avenue. The style of the street lay out makes Arden Oaks more [&hellip

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