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Open Letter to the Fat Me 1

Posted on 7, April 2014

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  Open Letter to the Fat Me   The taunts of “fat boy” rang in my head as I got off my bike and started to walk the hill. I knew everyone else could ride the hill but big, fat me could not. The reality was I was alone on the trails around my home and 54 years old. But those thoughts resounded in my ears. They came from the inner me of my childhood. But now I was determined to push through the pain, physical and mental. As I grabbed the handle bars from the side and walked up [&hellip

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Communicate memes and real estate 0

Posted on 14, February 2014

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Do you get it? How old are you?   The info graphic used to explain this frequently convoluted process is a “meme.” If you’re wondering what exactly memes are, they have been described as “virally-transmitted cultural symbols or social ideas” or cultural elements like jokes and turns of phrase that are created and disseminated by individuals. Communication is a big part of real estate. I don’t communicate like this, but I have people on my team that get it. I am a firm believer in a team of different experiences and abilities. If you get this, then I have people [&hellip

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miscommunication 0

Posted on 25, February 2013

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miscommunication and genius I recently wrote a blog about realtor miscommunication and the concept is still fresh in my mind. Then this embarrassing situation happens to me on Sunday. I was serving in the 4 year old Sunday school when we had the most ever, 42 four year olds! If they were normal 4 year olds we would have had enough crazy energy to power a small city. But these kids are the sweetest and kindest kids, making the experience very fun for all. When snack time came, we had only four tables that seat 8. Not enough places for [&hellip

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