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Do you get it?

How old are you?


The info graphic used to explain this frequently convoluted process is a “meme.” If you’re wondering what exactly memes are, they have been described as “virally-transmitted cultural symbols or social ideas” or cultural elements like jokes and turns of phrase that are created and disseminated by individuals.

Communication is a big part of real estate. I don’t communicate like this, but I have people on my team that get it. I am a firm believer in a team of different experiences and abilities. If you get this, then I have people that can talk to you about real estate in a way that you would enjoy.

If you don’t get it or like it, I have other team members that will work well with you. Different communication style is one of the ways people show their individuality. And I enjoy people the way they are, not making them into a cookie cutter fit in every type of person.

Let’s start a conversation about your real estate needs.

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