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Open Letter to the Fat Me


The taunts of “fat boy” rang in my head as I got off my bike and started to walk the hill. I knew everyone else could ride the hill but big, fat me could not.

The reality was I was alone on the trails around my home and 54 years old. But those thoughts resounded in my ears. They came from the inner me of my childhood. But now I was determined to push through the pain, physical and mental.

As I grabbed the handle bars from the side and walked up the hill for about the third time, I thought one day my “in shape” thin me owes the big fat me a thanks of gratitude. And it got me thinking how the decisions of the past play out in the future. I am fat now because I lacked the discipline and drive to eat right and exercises.

As I begin the process to lose the weight and get healthier, the future me will benefit from that decision. I will have more energy. I will feel better about myself. But all the pain of that decision is carried by fat me. And if I live for the here and now, I would eat more ice cream and watch more TV, but the future drives me to action.

So to the fat me, thanks for making the sacrifice. Thanks for going through the physical and emotion pain. Thanks for eating diet foods. Thanks for doing exercise that gave you pain as reliable as a hangover. Thanks for thinking of me now.

I feel there is more to this life lesson then losing weight and getting in shape. Future benefits for present actions are great, but if you are the one making the sacrifice, where does the motivation come from? Getting pleasure from that snack is now. It is real. The future is out there. But who knows what will happen?
Making that decision, to take action now decides the future.
What will it be?



  1. Candice says:

    “Future benefits for present actions are great.”

    Great wisdom. We all know the benefits of diligence but the picture of my future self thanking my present self somehow gets through to me more.

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