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FHA bankruptcy home loans 0

Posted on 21, May 2013

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FHA home loan after a bankruptcy   Federal Housing Administration (FHA) does make home loans after a bankruptcy. That is the good news. The bad news or conditions are a waiting period and establishment of a good credit history after bankruptcy. The Federal Housing Administration home loans insurance programs contains a required waiting period for new FHA home loans after filing bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy is not rare anymore, it still carries a consequence with credit intuition. This stigma leads many who declare bankruptcy to give up and lose hope for home ownership. But recovering from bankruptcy and qualifying to buy [&hellip

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Sacramento mortgage application 0

Posted on 5, April 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage, News, Real Estate

Sacramento’s Mortgage Application Site Fast Easy and Secure   Fast, easy and secure; three words that describe ExpressRealEstateLoan.com, Housing Sacramento’s mortgage application site. ExpressRealEstateLoan.com is fast with two types of applications. Our short application is an easy and fast way to request a mortgage. The short form is only one page. You can get mortgage prequalified with the short form. The long form has more detail needed to complete the loan process. Our online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off. This can be a very convenient way [&hellip

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Short term mortgages 0

Posted on 28, March 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage, Real Estate

Short term mortgages offer a 3 to 1 benefit advantage   The 30 year mortgage term is a staple of the real estate loan market. Short term mortgages present a three to one benefit advantage. What are the benefits? What is the drawback? Is a short term mortgage right for you? The first benefit of a short term mortgage is the number of payments. The traditional 30 year mortgage has 360 monthly payments. A 15 year mortgage by comparison has only 180 monthly payments. Just multiply the 30 year monthly payment by 360 and that number is the total cost [&hellip

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Harp-Sacramento 0

Posted on 4, March 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage

Is your Sacramento house worth more than you owe? Refinance with a HARP Loan.    The Home Affordable Refinance Program known as HARP can help lower your monthly mortgage payments. HARP is designed to help you get a new more affordable mortgage. Check to see if your Sacramento home loan can be refinanced with a HARP. If you are current on your mortgage, with or without equity in your home, then you could be eligible for this program. The HARP program allows you take to advantage of current market rates even if you are “underwater”. Underwater in this context means [&hellip

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Sacramento and Foothills the real estate solution 0

Posted on 21, February 2013

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CLA Realty Sacramento real estate and mortgage HousingSacramento.com

Coffee Real Estate –Sacramento & Foothills the real estate solution   You heard of the guy who likes the business so much he brought it. Well I hated mine and my family’s real estate experiences so much I felt a mission to start one. I thought there must be a better way to offer real estate service with compassion and fair prices without all the stress. I wanted a professional real estate service that could communicate clearly the complexities of the real estate transaction. For that reason I started Coffee Real Estate –Sacramento & Foothills with the mission to serve [&hellip

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Why Short Sale a house in Sacramento 0

Posted on 6, February 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage, Qualifying, Real Estate, Selling property

  Why Short Sale a house in Sacramento? Selling a house with a short sale in Sacramento is no easy thing. There are many questions. But are there any benefits to short selling a house? Debt Forgiveness is one of the biggest benefits of a short sale. If the short sale is approved then loan balance usually has the remaining debt forgiven. This amount of debt forgiveness could be a few thousand dollars or over a hundred thousand dollars. The credit impact of a short sale is much less than a foreclosure. If you are current, the effect to your [&hellip

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Benefits of pre-qualified home mortgage Sacramento real estate 2

Posted on 31, January 2013

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Thinking about mortgage application in park

  The Benefits of being pre-qualified for a home mortgage in the Sacramento real estate market. The Sacramento real estate market is a very competitive location to buy a home. The benefits of being pre-qualified for a home mortgage is you have a good idea where to look for a home. But first let’s look at the term pre-qualified. Pre-qualified for a mortgage means that loan specialist has taken a general look at your income and expenses and plugged them in to a debt-to-income ratio formula. Loan pre-qualification does not include an analysis of your credit report or an in-depth [&hellip

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8 things that can happen if you stop paying your mortgage 0

Posted on 26, January 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage

8 things that can happen if you stop paying your mortgage   What can happen if I stop paying my mortgage? Housing Sacramento has compiled a list of some of the outcomes of not paying your monthly mortgage. 1. Foreclosure is when the loan holder legally takes ownership of the house. 2. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: You voluntarily transfer your property title to the loan holder in exchange for cancellation of the remainder of your debt. 3. Loan modification: You and your loan servicer agree to permanently change one or more of the terms of the mortgage contract to [&hellip

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key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento 0

Posted on 25, January 2013

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What are the key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento? What is the interest rate on the mortgage note? This is the interest rate at which you will borrow the money for your home loan. This is different than the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR includes the cost of getting the loan into its calculations the APR rate. Will I have to pay discount and or origination points? Many lenders charge prepaid mortgage interest points to lower your interest rate. Find out how many you’ll be expected to pay and if there are any other points [&hellip

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