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key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento 0

Posted on 25, January 2013

in Category Loans, Mortgage, Qualifying, Real Estate

What are the key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento? What is the interest rate on the mortgage note? This is the interest rate at which you will borrow the money for your home loan. This is different than the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR includes the cost of getting the loan into its calculations the APR rate. Will I have to pay discount and or origination points? Many lenders charge prepaid mortgage interest points to lower your interest rate. Find out how many you’ll be expected to pay and if there are any other points [&hellip

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How to price my house to sell in Sacramento? 0

Posted on 24, January 2013

in Category Carmichael, Communities, Real Estate, Roseville, Selling property

How to price to sell a house in the Sacramento keeps changing. The Standard way to get a market value of a home is usually defined as the price at which a given house, in its present condition, will sell in one to three months. The supply and demand houses in Sacramento plays a big part of the pricing of your home. Some houses are on the market for a day others for over six months. Pricing is part art and part science, and no two real estate agents price properties the same way. One way is to price low [&hellip

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Why Real Estate? 0

Posted on 17, January 2013

in Category Carmichael, Communities, Real Estate, Roseville

You heard of the guy who likes the business so much he brought it. Well I hated mine and my family’s real estate experience so much I felt a mission to start one. I thought there must be a better way to offer real estate service with compassion and fair prices without all the stress. I wanted a professional real estate service that could communicate clearly the complexities of the real estate transaction. We wanted to be heard. We wanted to be told what was happening. We wanted to understand the why’s and how’s. In the end we wanted to [&hellip

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