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What is a multigenerational home?


A multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home. One common feature is the desire for multiple master suites. What is a multigenerational family?


The U.S. Census Bureau defines multigenerational families as those consisting of more than two generations living under the same roof. Multigenerational Households come in all shapes and sizes. Naming the type of multigenerational household is not as important as understanding the needs of the people living in the home. (read more about this at: What makes a property multigenerational?)


First, what are multigenerational homes called? The list is part descriptive and marketing names. Some names describe the house like two homes under one roof or home within a home. Other names combine relationship with a house like granny flat, mother-in-law suite, four generations - one roof or a casita. 2Gen homes, GenSmart, Next Gen houses and many more are marketing names for multigenerational properties.