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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer/

Journey to a Home

A Journey to the American Dream

First Time Home Buyer/

 The Money Issues

Mortgage pre-qualification - The first step in most first time home owners is finding out if they can get a mortgage. The pre-qualification process will give an indication if they qualify and for what loan amount.

Mortgage pre-approval - A mortgage pre-approval means that a lender has taken a detailed examination into the borrower's credit information and has issued a preliminary credit review, pending documentation and the property information.

Down payment - The down payment presents the biggest obstacle to home ownership for most buyers, especially first-time buyers.

Improve and Fix credit problems - Find out if there are any Repair Credit Issues. Then take action to fix the problems.

Make sure lender able to give pre approval letter - Time is the friend of a credit issue when found early. Time is the enemy when found late in the process. The pre-approval letter is the best time to find out if there are any problems.

Get pre approval letter - The key point in a pre-approval letter involves verification of the information. Make sure the lender is ready to issue a pre-approval letter when needed.

Mortgage problems - Problems with the mortgage application process with in the current regulation climate are normative. The first time home buyers should not feel singled out when problems occur in the mortgage application process.

First Time Home Buyer/

Check of the Home buying process

Close escrow and the loan funded - The real estate and mortgages problems get solved and the property closes. You get the keys to your new home and start making mortgage payments. The journey a home ownership is realized. Another family living the American dream. Not easy but a reality. And it all starts with a dream and filling out an application. Start the dream today.