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Daniel Parisi is a Real Estate Broker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and family man./

Housing Sacramento Magazine is featuring the interviews with Dan Parisi a Sacramento area entrepreneur and real estate professional.  Dan will share some of his real estate knowledge and experiences with our readers. This interview shares personal insights from Dan’s life and goals.

Daniel Parisi

Real Estate Broker – Property Investor – Entrepreneur

Here is a little background on Dan Parisi’s real estate achievements.

Daniel N. Parisi Jr. is now a broker associate with Realty One DRE # 01801668. He believes communication is essential in the real estate profession. Real estate can be very cold or intimidating with all the forms and legal jargon. Dan takes the time and effort to clarify the real estate paper work for his clients.

Daniel Parisi is a Real Estate Broker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and family man./

Dan Parisi has the prestigious C-REPS Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists that qualifies him to do Broker Price Opinion (BPO) ((get link for BPO cert). This training gives Dan the tools to properly value property in many conditions. He can evaluate a house to the wholesale value which many lenders want to know so they can sell the property fast if they have to take the property to cover the loan value. The BPO is also used to find the top retail home selling price. It is a very detailed and precise task.

Daniel Parisi is a Real Estate Broker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and family man./

Dan Parisi is also a Trust & Probate Realtor that is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) from California Association of Realtors®. This training is valuable to help people when an estate is going through the probate process. Dan Parisi can help families and individuals to sell their property when in probate. It is not a simple process and a trained and certified realtor is best to accomplish the home sale


Dan Parisi is an experienced real estate investor. He looks for property that is distressed and rehabs them. He also works with people who need to get out of the house they are in for any reason and gives them a fair market value. He buys hoarder property and cleans and repairs them to make them ready for the next family to rent or own. We buy houses in Sacramento and Northern California.

Mr. Parisi’s dba real estate company is Coffee Real Estate. Dan Parisi is a knowledgeable and experienced real estate marketer. Dan Parisi helps first time home buyers, move up house buyers and educated real estate investors to secure new properties for their portfolio. He has done many care home real estate and business transactions. He also helps home owners sell their property for cash “as is” condition and for top dollar home buyer prices. How can Dan Parisi help you?

Here is some of Dan Parisi’s life story.

A short biography of the Daniel N. Parisi Jr. includes his military career in the Air Force. He was a K-9 security police airman. He spent two years in Germany experiencing many cross culture relationships and interest. Dan was then sent to North Highlands, California to McClellan Air Force base. This is where Dan meets the love of his life, Juanita.

Here is just a quick over view of Dan Parisi personal life. He was marred to his love in 1982. They lived in Philadelphia for a couple of years. They had their first son, Angelo in Sacramento, California in 1985. They had the next son, Dominic in 1987 when Dan was a full time entrepreneur. They had their daughter in 1996, and enjoyed a full life.

Dan Parisi’s academic credentials include formal collage education and specialty schools. Mr. Parisi graduated from California State University Sacramento with a BA in History. He is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a gemologist. Dan Parisi also took many real estate professional training classes to get his real estate agents license. He took even more to get his real estate broker license.

Daniel N. Parisi Jr. has been a business owner since 1982. He owned TNT exterminating company in Philadelphia. He also owned a fire extinguisher company in Philadelphia, PA and Sacramento, CA.  He sold both TNT exterminating and Parisi Fire extinguisher companies. Mr. Parisi started  A & D Coin and Jewelry in 1989.

He sold that business and started a publishing business before opening Parisi Jewelry Brokers. Parisi Jewelry Brokers was in the business of diamond brokering for individuals and companies. Parisi Jewelry Brokers’ name was changed into Arden Jewelers and became a partnership. Arden Jewelers is a value jewelry store, meaning you get more for your money than a traditional jewelry store. Arden Jewelers also buys jewelry from individual and estates. Arden Jewelers also has appraisal services, jewelry repair service, custom jewelry design as well as a first class jewelry section.

Daniel Parisi is a Real Estate Broker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and family man./

Dan Parisi’s writing resume includes articles for newspapers and periodicals ranging in subject from jewelry, gems, finance, success issues, real estate loans, and real estate information. He was the publisher of Managing Success Magazine. He is also an author of a children’s book, “The Legend of Doll Fin” (ISBN  0-9655066-0-6). He is the author of the real estate book “The Insider’s Guide to Selling Your Home by Owner”.  He also co-wrote a real estate book with Havilah Parisi “First Time Home Ownership – A Journey to the American Dream”

interview notes:

How would you describe your real estate title?

I am a real estate professional. Professionals have knowledge, licensing and experience.

I am a licensed broker from the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) # 01923081. I am a broker associate with Realty One (DRE # 01801668). I have the valued Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists (C-REPS) that qualifies me to do Broker Price Opinion (BPO). I am also a Trust & Probate Realtor that is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) from California Association of Realtors. The book learning to get all these licenses and certification is no small feat.

I will share some of the experiences with you now.  I believe hard work makes success. “The ability to listen to the home buyer’s wants and needs is essential in finding them the home they will love”. I think that is very important as a real estate buyer’s agent.

Listing your property in the Sacramento housing market can be a challenge to get your price. I have a strong marketing background and the power to negotiate gives my clients the ability to get the price they want. Northern California foothill properties have many special needs that need someone that understands the area. Living in the Northern California foothills for over 20 years now gives me experience with the local real estate market. This is just part of what makes me a good real estate seller’s agent.

I work very well with self-employed clients to navigate the real estate market place. Business owners in Sacramento and California’s foothills find it very hard to get a quality real estate loan many times. I work with lenders to find the right loan for these entrepreneurs.

What are some of your interest?

Ok, my first backing trip was in Yosemite. And if you are going to Yosemite, you read some of John Muir. One of his stories is “A Wind-storm in the Forests.” He is a good writer and you feel like you are there when you read it. But I felt there is more to the story. It so happened on that trip we had bad weather. Ok, it was not bad; it was windy, cold, and wet with low visibility. But it was perfect weather to climb a tree in the wind. I was not as adventuress as John Muir so I stood in the wind in Yosemite and like he says in the story, it takes time, maybe a couple of hours and then it happens. You don’t fight against the elements or nature, you become part of it. And the thought from that day has stayed with me my whole life. If I made a quote about nature it would be “Nature is not just to be observed but immersed. The realization of nature is not the study of it but life lived as part of it.”

How has your collage education impacted your life?

I ended up with a history degree from Sacramento State. When you study history you either like Trivia Pursuit or you enjoy thinking about people throughout time. Studying history you observe how people found purpose to live their life. And how their life experience made them the person they became. And I don’t like trivia.

Is there an example you can think about how that prospective gave you an insight?

There are many experiences revealed in history that demonstrate how much of our lives are out of our control. The many souls who ended up in Nazi death camps where living a daily life, then the war of hate became a reality. Forces larger than them shaped their lives. History has taught me to accept that and focus on how I, as a person react to it. Proactivity is a concept I understood first from Nazi death camps survivor insights.

Viktor E. Frankl  said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Dr. Covey wrote about this in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Dr. Covey wrote “Our ultimate freedom is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.” History teaches us many things. And some of them come with horrific events.

You are a veteran.

Yes I was in the Air Force stationed in Germany and my job at that time was guarding parts of the base.

Did your Air Force experience have any impact on you?

Daniel Parisi is a Real Estate Broker, Property Investor, Entrepreneur and family man./
Dan Paris with military dog

Yes it had many impacts in my life. Here is one. I was guarding the ready aircraft area and the officer in charge came to my station and said this is not a drill we are on lock down and getting the jets ready to launch. The F-4 phantom’s payload was a nuclear bomb. The pilots were in the cock pit. The ground crews had the charge on the jet engine ready for a quick start. We were standing by the gates to open them to the runway. It got real, real fast. In the following couple of hours I grow up fast. It was the time that a teenager stopped looking at life as a game and reality became part of life.

The Russians (Soviet Union at that time) where playing a war game where they were charging the borders of NATO countries. The war game we practiced at that time was this exact scenario. This was how the Soviet Union would get a surprise start to the war. They would win a lot of ground and destroy a lot of the military power of NATO in that maneuver. Our reply was to go nuclear. Who knew then what was going to happen.

If the jets made it to the run way I was told there was no call back code. In fact, one of our jobs was if the plane was moving and the call back message came down to us, we were to shoot the plane and disable it from flying. I was told the pilot could not stop once he was given the go order. But I was just an Airman. I did not know the whole story.

Duty has a way of showing how important even a small player can be to history. And duty can give a clear way to being part of something much bigger than you. The Air Force has a very complicated mission. And mission failure or success depends on many individuals doing their duty. This is how I operate my businesses, my military experience drills into me the importance of every member of my team. It is a lesson, when lived, becomes part of you. I also help veterans buy homes in Sacramento and Placer County in California.

What was the first property you invested in?

I paid cash for my first home. It was only $6,300 in 1982. That was cheap even back then.

But it was still overpriced. 


The property was not livable. There was no working heating system and in Philadelphia that’s a problem.

But this home became a joyful project with my new wife. We loved designing our new home. We loved working together listening to good music and wonderful conversations. 

A couple years later we still did not finish the house but the area became too dangerous for us to raise our family. So we sold the house and moved to Sacramento. 

What were the lessons learned from the first house?

The location of the house is very important. You can move, but your house can’t move. The location of the property is the most important issue.

Next lesson is to have a rehab plan. We made a list of what we needed to live in the house. We worked on these issues first and were able to live in the home while we worked on the other parts of the house.

Rehabbing a house to become a home is one way to increase the value, or sweat equity. The do it yourself (DIY) home improvement is a good way to build equity in a house.  But if you are investing in a property, all work needs to build value in the home. That means don’t do work you like, but improvements that the local real estate market rewards.  Only then will you understand the real numbers of the investment property. It is the key to making sure your rehab budget is going into the area that will make a profit on the investment. 

What areas of life are important to you?

There are really only two things that are important to me. My family and my faith are what are essential to me. I was raised Catholic in Philadelphia. When in the Air Force, George St Germain, a co-worker, shared his faith and after checking the things he said in the Bible, I accepted Jesus as my savior. I have been following and learning more about God every day since then.

My family begins with my beloved wife of 40 years now. Sharing my life with her is one of the greatest joys of my life. We have three children Angelo, Dominic and Havilah. They are all married to wonderful spouses. I also have 4 precious granddaughters. Maybe I will have more grandchildren to come.

Why I work hard and live to be the best person I can be is to please God and be a blessing to my family. That is the driving force behind everything I do.