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New Home Checklist


Creating a new home buying checklist will help you set your priorities and make the home searching process less time consuming. Keep in mind that your opinions on what you want in the home may change during the home buying process.

There are two ways of looking at the home buying check list. First is a list of questions that you answer and use a check list to mark as you answer them. The second is a list of features that you mark as to how important they are in your new home.

Both check lists are a starting point. Talk to your real estate agent Dan Parisi to make a list tailored just to your needs.

Check list one - the questions:

What neighborhoods do you prefer?

What school systems do you want to be near?

What architectural styles do you prefer?

Do you want a two story or a one story?

How old a home would you consider?

How much repair or renovation would you be willing to do?

Are there enough bathrooms to serve the needs of your family now and in the near future?

Are there comfortable spaces for any overnight visitors?

Is there plenty of storage space and is it easily accessed?

How far is the home from work, school or recreation?

How close do you need to be to public transportation?

How old are the heating, cooling and roofing systems and are they in good working order?

Will your furniture fit in the new spaces?

Are there comfortable spaces for any overnight visitors?

Will pets be comfortable in the new surroundings?

Does the community have pets' restrictions?


Check list two is a list of features that you must have, would like to have, willing to compromise, must not have and not important. You can check or write an amount or comment.


 Prioritize the options

 Must Have

Would Like

Willing to Compromise

Must not have

Not Important

Square feet of house






 Bedrooms number?






 Bathrooms number?






 Family room






 Formal living room






 Formal dining room






 Eat-in kitchen






Gourmet kitchen






 Laundry room












Finished basement


















 Spa in bath






 Air Conditioning






 Wall-to-wall carpet






 Hardwood floors


















 Window features












 Yard at least......






 Garage size, ___cars


















Special needs design



















 The Sacramento real estate market can challenge any checklist. The level of houses for sale can change so that the selection is very limited. The Sacramento real estate market can have a price increase that may mean a big modification of what the budget can achieve.

The HousingSacramento.com blog “the two big challenges when creating a new home wish list” explains two of the big pressures the Sacramento real estate market brings to bear on the new home checklist. Balancing the reality of the real estate market and personal wants, needs and wish lists is one of the more difficult parts of home buying.

But the joy of discovering your new home can be a reality on the very first house you visit. How? When you know what you are looking for and when you find it, you can make an offer with confidence. Experience the confidence of home buying with a personal home checklist.