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Sacramento Drought Conditions Actions 0

Posted on 28, April 2014

in Category Home Repair, News

DIY   Actions to Help with the Sacramento Drought Conditions     California and local government are clear about the Greater Sacramento region being in a drought condition. Following will be some numbers about the water situation. You can judge if you think it is a full on drought or something else. But saving water is always a good idea. This DIY or Do It Yourself is about ways to save water. If you are on a well system it is always important to save water. And if you pay the water bill by the amount of water you use [&hellip

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Sacramento planting Hardiness zones maps 0

Posted on 10, October 2013

in Category Home Repair

  Northern California can be a hard place to grow plants Learning the different environments can be a big help   Every type of plant thrives in a different environment.  While one region may be ideal for some plants, it will spell certain death for others.  So before you plant this fall, you need to know what can be planted in your region. The USDA has what is known as a hardiness zone map.  It divides up the United States into regions based on the average minimum temperature that can be expected in that area.  This gives you an idea [&hellip

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Plants Cool This Summer 0

Posted on 9, August 2013

in Category Home, Home Repair

  4 Tips for Keeping Your Plants Cool This Summer   The Sacramento area is known for its hot summers, and heat can decimate a garden.  Don’t give up on all of your hard work until you try these 4 tips.   1.  Prioritize the pots.  You need to be extra careful with any plants that you have in pots. They don’t have the Earth to insulate them and, therefore, are much more susceptible to heat damage and drought. Be sure to keep these plants out of intense sunlight and leave them in the shade.  Water them at least once [&hellip

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