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Mello-Roos property tax California 0

Posted on 11, September 2013

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    California Mello-Roos Property Tax   Mello-Roos was signed into law in 1982 as a way to gain funding for new communities after Proposition 13 inhibited the raising of property taxes in California.  Though it isn’t technically a property tax, it is an additional tax that is applied to properties in newly developed areas.  The money is used to build the necessary facilities, utilities, roads, and the like for new towns.  This keeps the cost of development for the new town on the shoulders of the persons living there.   Because Mello-Roos is independent of the property tax that [&hellip

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Horse property fences 0

Posted on 2, September 2013

in Category Horse property, Real Estate

  Fences Add Value and Safety to Horse Properties   By Havilah Parisi Pony.Estate There are many types of fences for horse property. The fence that keeps your horse safe and secure is a very valuable part of the horse property. All horse fencing should be around five feet or taller. One of the most iconic fencing types is the three tiered white fencing that is a classic of horse property. This type of fence is usual a sturdy wood fence. This nice wood fence looks great and is a safe way to keep your special horse secure. This fence [&hellip

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Making an offer to buy a home 0

Posted on 27, August 2013

in Category Home, News, Real Estate

Making an offer to buy a home   Winning — The point of making an offer to buy property is to gain acceptance from the current property owner. Different real estate markets have different rules for success. In some markets, just putting in an offer wins the deal. Other markets, a bid of ten thousand above list price will not win the home. Understanding the current market is crucial to making a successful offer. Discuss with your real estate the offer amount you have in mind, based on the research you have done on comparables, the condition of the home [&hellip

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Horse EPA Equine Property Academy 0

Posted on 23, July 2013

in Category Horse property, News, Real Estate

The New Horse EPA–“Equine Property Academy”   Housing Sacramento Magazine’s (HSM) establishes the new horse EPA or “Equine Property Academy” center for horse ranch information in California. This EPA will give horse owners timely knowledge about available horse properties and their features.   The Equine Property Academy provides, free of charge, material about horse properties for sale, the detail of those properties, insights into horse property’s features, local horse tails, detail information about barns, arenas, pastures, fences and other ranch elements.   Horse properties are one of the most complicated real estate purchases homeowners can make. Horse ranches are not [&hellip

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California gold country horse properties 0

Posted on 4, June 2013

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20 questions for gold country horse properties   20 questions that come up when looking at horse property in the northern California foothills gold country. Are the stalls watering systems in good condition? What is the condition of the stall gates? Is there a good tack-up area for the horses? Is there a good, ventilated area for storing hay and shavings? Is there a tack room, wash rack, good footing in the stalls and turn-out paddocks? How will you dispose of the manure? How will you control the summer fly situation? Is there irrigation available for the pastures? Is there [&hellip

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foothill horse property Wash Racks 1

Posted on 7, March 2013

in Category Foothill CA, Horse property

Wash Racks Part of a great foothill horse property   By Havilah Parisi Pony.Estate   There are many key elements to making a great barn in the Northern California foothills. One of them is the wash rack. A wash rack is a place to rinse off or give your horse a bath. There are many wash racks in the horse world. A wash rack can be just a post and a slab of concrete and a hose. But that is very elemental. There are several things that go into a great wash rack. The absolute main thing about wash racks [&hellip

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Northern California horse property 1

Posted on 23, February 2013

in Category Foothill CA, Horse property

Northern California horse property and Texas horse property have some key differences. By Havilah Parisi Pony.Estate   I recently went to Texas and while I was there I took a horse lesson. I noticed some differences in Northern California horse properties and Texas properties. Northern California horse property and Texas horse property have some natural features contrasts. California foothill properties are a little more scenic.  Texas horse property tends to be much larger with more open spaces. I have ridden in the California foothills for 9 years. I enjoy the trees that surround the barns, the brisk mornings where your hands [&hellip

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