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Do having animals at home make you a better person? 0

Posted on 2, October 2019

in Category Home

Does having animals at home make you a better person? Arthur Schopenhauer said “Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character”. When we moved to the country, we knew animals would be a big part of our family. Little did I know how big a part they would play.   Not all homes are a good place for animals. Our home in the heart of gold country Colfax, California was built with animals in mind.  First the 1 acre plus property was fully fenced. That was a big help when giving the animals freedom to explore the land [&hellip

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Meadow Vista home for sale 1

Posted on 18, May 2016

in Category Foothill CA, Horse property, Real Estate, Selling property

Meadow Vista home for sale The home buying process is a way to go from wanting to own a house to actually buying a home. Each step along the way will get you closer to your goal of home ownership. The Retail way of selling a house is finding the highest paying buyer. Buyers who want a home pay the most for real estate. There are many more homes for sale in Auburn California. Havilah can find the home of your dreams. Just contact Havilah or Coffee Real Estate to find your Auburn home

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Auburn Property under $500,000 0

Posted on 25, April 2016

in Category Home, Horse property, Investment Real Estate, Real Estate, Selling property

Auburn Property under $500,000   Enjoy LAKE views in your Tahoe style home at Lake of the Pines. So much character ~ high ceilings with exposed beams, many windows, three fireplaces, hand hewed woodwork. Convenient master suite on main floor. Downstairs has private entrance, family room and two bedrooms. Charming,custom built rock walls surround almost half of an acre. This unique home is located on a desirable street at Lake of the Pines. Exceptional value! Excellent location! 11483 Madrone Court Auburn, CA 95602 $499,000 Beds: 3 Baths: 2 | 1 Sq. Ft.: 2,236 Contact Coffee Real Estate If you have [&hellip

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Coffee Real Estate 0

Posted on 8, August 2014

in Category Home, Horse property, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate, Selling property

Coffee Real Estate Coffee Real Estate agency is creating California’s most consumer friendly realty. Coffee Real Estate endeavor to provide home sellers with the most comprehensive options when selling their property. Coffee Real Estate empowers the home seller with options. Options are sometime complicated. But the heart and soul of Coffee Real Estate commissions are to satisfy the home seller with how much they want to pay to sell their property with the services that match. A Coffee Real Estate agent can share the options with a home seller to see which options they prefer. The first option is to [&hellip

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How Real Estate Commissions Work 0

Posted on 9, February 2014

in Category Real Estate

How Real Estate Commissions Work     Real Estate Commissions Basics   The standard and customary real estate commission to sell a property is 6%. Some properties can be handled for more based on the situation. And other properties can be listed for less.  All real estate commissions are negotiable, but not every agent will negotiate.   The first point to understand about real estate commission is the listing real estate agent (the agent who is going to put property for sale) receives only part of the commission. Depending on the property situation, it is generally 50/50 split. That means [&hellip

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Horse Property Ponds 0

Posted on 5, February 2014

in Category Horse property

  Ponds on Horse Properties Adds value and beautiful but may have some risk By Havilah Parisi Ponds and small lakes are one beautiful piece of a horse property. They add value to the property. There are many benefits of having a pond for your horses. One of which is that when it is sweltering outside, horses can go in to the pond and cool off. Swimming is a low impact exercise that many people use when they are rehabilitating a horse. It is also a great “trust exercise” that a person and their horse can try. Ponds also offer [&hellip

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Horse property Arenas 0

Posted on 4, February 2014

in Category Horse property

  Horse Arenas Keys to Understanding Arena Footing By Havilah Parisi   Arenas have many different looks and options that make them special and unique to their owner. One of the main features is their footing. The arena footing is the most or one of the most important parts of an arena. The footing makes a huge difference to the horse and rider. The type of footing depends on what the arena is used for. Regardless of what you are doing in the arena, the footing must be good. There are many types of footings and depths. Arenas can have [&hellip

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hitching post 0

Posted on 24, January 2014

in Category Horse property

Hitching Posts Style, Safety and Convenience By Havilah Parisi What is one of the major things that horse owners can’t live without? No, it isn’t a pasture, nor is it a fancy barn; it is the hitching post that they tie their horse to. Horse owners don’t often think about where they are tying their horse. It is just there and they use it when they are tacking up, grooming, clipping, checking and doctoring wounds, when they are getting trimmed and shoed, and so on. What goes into these amazing and indispensable inventions? Hitching posts have been around for a [&hellip

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real estate Opportunity lost 0

Posted on 29, October 2013

in Category Mortgage, News, Real Estate

Opportunity lost? Interest rates are moving higher. The days of the lowest mortgage rates in history are no longer. It’s an opportunity lost to refinance or get the lowest possible mortgage. Real estate prices in California are on the move upward. The days of cheap housing prices are gone. The time to buy property at the lowest prices in a decade is gone. That is one way of looking at it. Two questions beg to be asked. Was that really the bottom? Is it a bad strategy to buy after the bottom has formed? If that was the bottom of [&hellip

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property listing expired 0

Posted on 17, September 2013

in Category Home, Investment Real Estate, News, Real Estate, Selling property

  Your House Listing Has Expired! What are the dangers and opportunities? Once a listing agreement with an agent expires, that agent is no longer responsible for selling the property.  The homeowners have the option of using the same agent again, getting a new agent, or trying to sell it themselves.  Even if you don’t keep the old agent, your ties to the old agent are not completely severed. In most listing contracts, there is a section that says the old agent will be the one to earn the commission if a buyer that he attracted buys the house.  So, [&hellip

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