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Sacramento and Foothills the real estate solution 0

Posted on 21, February 2013

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CLA Realty Sacramento real estate and mortgage HousingSacramento.com

Coffee Real Estate –Sacramento & Foothills the real estate solution You heard of the guy who likes the business so much he brought it. Well I hated mine and my family’s real estate experiences so much I felt a mission to start one. I thought there must be a better way to offer real estate service with compassion and fair prices without all the stress. I wanted a professional real estate service that could communicate clearly the complexities of the real estate transaction. For that reason I started Coffee Real Estate –Sacramento & Foothills with the mission to serve our [&hellip

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creating a new home wish list 0

Posted on 20, February 2013

in Category Home, Real Estate

The two big challenges when creating a new home wish list Creating a new home wish list in Sacramento can be challenging. Not because you can’t find everything you want but because so many houses in Sacramento are feature rich. Therefore making a house wish list useful instead of a function in futility is recognizing the two keys challenges and making them work for you instead of against you. The first key is balancing price with the list. The tension that price puts on any home wish list is unrelenting. If you like to put a positive spin on it, [&hellip

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buy or rent in Sacramento 0

Posted on 16, February 2013

in Category Home, Real Estate

Should I buy or rent in Sacramento? The question should I buy or rent in Sacramento is a personal one. What is right for you is right. It is that simple. The hard part is getting all the good information to decide what is right for you to buy a Sacramento house or rent. The advantages of renting have a common theme of risk.  First, only a reasonably small expenditure of money is required to rent, usually the first and last months’ rents and a security deposit. The risk is less in renting because your initial outlay is limited. The [&hellip

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Making Sacramento house into a family home 0

Posted on 15, February 2013

in Category Home, Real Estate, Selling property

Make over a typical Sacramento house into a family home Moving into a new Sacramento house and making it into a home can be daunting. In a new article in Housing Sacramento Magazine, Christina Walker shared how to make a house a home. Here are some highlights. Making a house a home is equal parts personalization and actually using and enjoying your new space. Personalize your houses with fresh paint.  Paint is the cheapest way to renovate or redesign a room. Add personality by finding a way to display some of your collection in every major living area. They individualize [&hellip

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