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How to have a home with positive cash flow?

home with positive cash flow/real estate

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How to live in a neighborhood with million dollar homes with income to spare?


This is an amazing home located in a former golf course next to the Sacramento River. It creates positive cash flow by being a senior care home. The property is located in a gated community. It has 6 active clients that generate enough income to pay for the staff and property cost. The second floor living area creates a private personal area.

home with positive cash flow/real estate

One uses is quality of life by living in an exclusive community. This is a way to live in an $800,000 home and having it paid for itself. This is also a way to have family live in a secure high quality neighborhood with a positive cash flow opportunity.

home with positive cash flow/real estate

Investors can see the value of a positive cash flow operation. Not only are they making money every month they are building equity. Equity in a property in a community with million dollar properties adds security to the equity

home with positive cash flow/real estate


For more information on care homes: http://coffeereal.estate/care-home-california

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