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Northern California horse property and Texas horse property have some key differences.

By Havilah Parisi


I recently went to Texas and while I was there I took a horse lesson. I noticed some differences in Northern California horse properties and Texas properties.

Northern California horse property and Texas horse property have some natural features contrasts. California foothill properties are a little more scenic.  Texas horse property tends to be much larger with more open spaces.

I have ridden in the California foothills for 9 years. I enjoy the trees that surround the barns, the brisk mornings where your hands go numb. There are plenty of riding trails in the woods.  Northern California has always been scenic to me.

A barn nestled in the woods, large trees at the gate, and lush green back drops is my dream horse property.  Northern California land has a slight disadvantage in that the terrain is sloped. California foothill ranches may only have a few pieces of semi-flat ground to put the barn, arena, and pastures on.

Northern California barns are smaller than Texas barns as a rule. California’s horse properties have to be more creative in where they lay out their barns and arenas, because of the uneven ground and slopes. On the other hand Texas has more of the flat expansive landscapes to place the barn and training area.

When I was in Texas to go to a wedding I was hoping to take a riding lesson. It was one of those things where you would like it to happen, but you don’t think it would really ever happen. The trainer had a very nice piece of property and it added up to a nice riding experience. I had a great lesson. There is definitely more room for Texas’ ranges to spread out. The arena, barn, and pastures can all have their own space. The pastures were quite large and very open. You could go for long gallops over the open fields. Their barns were quite large.

There are a few differences in the way that the barns are set up. They had several barns for different horses. The arena was a little ways away from the barn and very flat, which was nice. Everything in Texas seemed to be bigger. It was nice to have more room. Over all, the whole feel was open and spacious. There were not very many trees for shade in the pastures.

Both Northern California and Texas horse properties are amazing. They have many differences, but either can be a great place for horses and their owners.

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    i think i’ll choose California. 🙂

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