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Comparative Market Analysis /

How much is a house worth?


             Determining how much a house is actually worth is a tricky process. Step one is comparing what a property is worth relative to others that are similar in the area.  Where a home is located within a city, within a neighborhood, or on a particular street, are all crucial to determining a house’s value.

             Knowing the location where the house is in relation to the entire neighborhood is important to understanding the value of the house. Are shops and various services within walking distance? Is the house close to major forms of transportation and to the schools your children will be attending? Is that important to you or everyone? Remember your value factors may not be the market place value factors.

             A Comparative Market Analysis or CMA can help determine the value of the house depending on the area and home prices in the last 30-60 days. This information is very valuable. You can have a personal Comparative Market Analysis just click. We will need some basic information and a real estate professional will personally create a Comparative Market Analysis for you.


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