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Mortgage Prequalification/

Mortgage Prequalification

An old adage is the journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step. Applying for a mortgage prequalification is the first step in getting a home loan. Basically, you just give us your name, phone number, and some basic information and we will give you a general idea of how much you can borrow.

Mortgage prequalification will give you the ball park range of home loan you can receive therefore helping you target the range of houses to search. This information can save you days and even weeks looking at the wrong type of houses. If you thought you could get a $200,000 home loan, but can really qualify for a $230,000 mortgage that could mean a whole new neighborhood you did not know you could live in.

How does the Mortgage Prequalification Process Work? You might be surprised by how simple it is. Follow the link short application form and fill out a simple form and we will get back with an answer ASAP.

When you are pre-qualified for a mortgage, you receive a rough idea of what you can borrow. Our lender is taking a basic look at your financial picture. It opens the dialogue and gets the loan process started. It is a first step. Prequalification for a home loan is not a commitment to lend, nor should it be considered as such. Mortgage Prequalification is the first step in a series of steps hopefully leading to your home ownership.