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Grass Valley

Real Estate and Community

Grass Valley is a wonderfully rural community. Set in the hills and trees to the north of Sacramento, it is historically rich and makes for some of the best country living that the Sacramento Valley has to offer.

Grass Valley can make an idyllic community to make a home. The appeal of Grass Valley attracts first-time home buyers, move-up buyers, and investors. The property styles varied from ranch style to two story houses, there are condos, bungalows, large estate lots and custom houses.

Grass Valley borders the Plumas national Forest, this makes for excellent hiking, biking, and nature walks. The city and the surrounding areas stay green through most of the year, which keeps everything refreshing and vibrant.
The city itself has small businesses and shops all over the place; everything from mom-and-pop bakeries and hair salons to old-fashioned saloons and a chocolate factory. Though many businesses are family-run in Grass Valley, many of the larger businesses such as Starbucks and Kmart also call Grass Valley “home”.

Grass Valley is right in the middle of Gold Rush territory and has a rich history in that way. There are many museums and locations that document life during and after the Gold Rush. The most notable being the Empire Mine, with over 300 miles of underground tunnels. Grass Valley has kept many of the old buildings that were used long ago, and, in some areas, new buildings are designed to match the look of classic turn of the century architecture.
Though it is an old fashioned city, it is not without amenities. Grass Valley has movie theaters, libraries, gift shops, restaurants, and many other small businesses.

Grass Valley is located 25 miles up highway 49 from highway 80. It is one of the very last cities along highway 49 before entering the Plumas National Forest. This proximity to the mountains means that there are several lakes within a half-hour drive, making it perfect for weekend getaways. It is also close enough to Lake Tahoe and Reno that to take a day trip to either location on a whim is as easy as could be.

Homes in Grass Valley vary in price, but the vast majority of them are very affordable. Prices range from less than 100K to over 400K, but the majority of them cost less than 300K. Needless to say, this makes Grass Valley a wonderful place for first-time home buyers and those looking to start a family. The presence of nature and peace makes Grass Valley ideal for retirement or a change of pace.

There are few places that have managed to keep an old-fashioned feel about them, but Grass Valley is one of them. The proximity to the forest, mountains, and lakes makes Grass Valley a perfect city for those who love the outdoors. Nature is always as close as stepping out your front door.

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