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Information, technology, security and convenience coming together to help the consumer make the best decision about a mortgage loan. Housing Sacramento Magazine is joining with ExpressRealEstateLoan.com to provide the mortgage customer with the latest information and basic knowledge about mortgages.


Sacramento, CA (HSM), May 1, 2013 – Housing Sacramento Magazine (HSM) history of insightful real estate and mortgage articles and blogs are being used to inform mortgage loan consumers about their options. ExpressRealEstateLoan.com is joining with Housing Sacramento Magazine to form a knowledge base web application that is convenient and secure for the mortgage shopper.

Bringing together a trusted real estate magazine information base and the security of a high tech mortgage loan application site helps the consumer get in-depth information when they need it.

Housing Sacramento Magazine knowledge base of real estate terms, blogs and feature articles along with in depth interviews with industry insiders aids the mortgage customer with the information at the time they need it. Check out: Mortgage information

When filling out the mortgage application on expressrealestateloan.com, if the consumer has a question about a real estate term they can quickly get an answer on Housing Sacramento Magazine’s web site. They can also do more in-depth research by checking the magazines articles on the subject.

One example is the content about refinance: How to judge if mortgage refinance make sense? https://housingsacramento.com/real-estate-loans-mortgage/mortgage-refinance-numbers this article gives insights into how you can recoup the cost of mortgage refinancing. The mortgage expert shares insights into annual percentage rate (APR), fees or costs of the loan, loan credit to offset the cost of the loan, math and loan financing.

The mortgage loan professional explains the easy formula to calculate if mortgage refinance is right for you. This proprietarily mortgage formula is Goals – Cost = Benefits.

Understanding the different types of mortgage loans can be difficult. A big part of the picture is the financial numbers. Interpreting the loan fees prices determine if the loan makes economic sense for the consumer. Having both Housing Sacramento Magazine in-depth articles and ExpressRealEstateLoan.com secure loan processing web site give the consumer the information and the process of how to interpret the data to make the best decision.

How much is the loan payment each month? How much money will I pay the lender for the life of the loan? How will the interest rate impact my payment? Is the cost of a lower interest rate worth the cost of the loan? And many more questions can be answered by seeing the numbers. Housing Sacramento Magazine has many insights into these questions.

Housing Sacramento Magazine publishes clear and easy to understand real estate and mortgage information. When to use that information is extremely important to the person making the decision about which mortgage loan to apply. This is the main benefit of joining ExpressRealEstateLoan.com and Housing Sacramento Magazine. The information is where it is needed most by the person making a mortgage loan application.

Both housingsacramento.com and www.expressrealestateloan.com are modern web sites designed to be used on many platforms. They are considerate of the individual and do not employ hard sales or misleading information. Providing informative content from trusted authors are mandated from each site.

The consumer looking for a new mortgage or to refinance will benefit greatly from this new internet tool. Housing Sacramento Magazine and www.expressrealestateloan.com together create a powerful instrument for the mortgage loan purchaser.



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