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Publisher's Note


Housingsacramento.com is an online magazine focused on the home. Just as a home has many characteristic to make it gratifying so does Housingsacramento.com.

 What makes a home? How does a house become a home? Where to find a good home? How to finance a home? How to sell a house? How to decorate? How to do home repair projects? And many more questions will find insights in Housingsacramento.com online magazine.

 Providing excellence information is our aim. As the publisher, I take personal responsibility to bring you credible and relevant insights into your home. I want our editorial process to bring materials that will enhance your life. If you take the time to enjoy Housingsacramento.com online magazine I want the benefits to be real in your life.

 When I last published a magazine I learned that readers know best what they want. I received comments and letters how the information in Managing Success Magazine helped them in their career. Finding experts and professionals to answer our community’s needs in an age when you can just Google it or check Wikipedia is a big challenge.

 Housingsacramento.com online magazine’s features and interviews are designed to enhance your life. Please feel free to submit people you would like us to interview as well as subjects to cover. A strong advantage of an online magazine is the interactive nature. We want you to be part of the experience both in giving and getting content. Yes, we want to know how you made your house a home.

 Start the conversation with a personal email. I will personally get back to you and discuss your thought. Together we can build a better tomorrow.


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