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Finding a Home

Finding a Home/

Where do you begin? Don’t let anyone tell you where to begin. Your situation is uniquely yours. So you prioritize the home buying process to work for you not some other person.

Factors that impact your home search process have a varied value weight in your decision metrics. I want to understand this when we start looking for your home. So following is a list of issues that can have a bearing on the home buying process. Look it over closely and decide what is important to you and let’s talk about finding the perfect home.

Where do you want to live? Ok I will get it out of the way location, location, location the three most important things when looking for a home. But in all seriousness, the neighborhood you choose to live in is extremely important to your happiness in the home. Take care and examine the area carefully. Only you know what you want out of the community in which you choose to live.

The price range of the house is a strong limiter of the home search. Feel free to use the house search to look at all the multi million dollars homes you like.

But when you are ready to find your home, use the price range to narrow your search. This restriction actually makes finding a home realistic. It is important to have all the facts about your price range or you can waste a lot of time looking in the wrong place for your home.

This is a very complicated aspect of home buying. That is why I am licensed both as a real estate agent and a mortgage originator. I know the issues and you will asset you to find the best home.

Floor plan could be the most important issue when looking for a home. You may have very particular needs in a home. The right home floor plan could be the deciding factor in where you live. Let’s talk about it, in clear terms so I can find you the right home.

The style of the home is important to many aspects of finding the perfect home. Your home should reflect you in some part.  You might want a formal Victorian style home. Or something simpler and more contemporary might be your lifestyle. We will consider a Home’s Curb Appeal when finding your home.

Other features in choosing a home are the size. How many square feet is the house. The landscaping is very important to life style. Do you want to play there or is it a work of art to be admired. How many bathrooms? How many bedrooms? Do you need an office? Do you want a play room or nursery? Do you like two stories or is a one floor the best for you? Is the kitchen the main feature of the house or do you just want some place to put the milk? The list is not endless but it is long. Let’s talk it out. I want the full picture to find you the best home.


Finding a Home/