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miscommunication and genius

I recently wrote a blog about realtor miscommunication and the concept is still fresh in my mind. Then this embarrassing situation happens to me on Sunday.

I was serving in the 4 year old Sunday school when we had the most ever, 42 four year olds! If they were normal 4 year olds we would have had enough crazy energy to power a small city. But these kids are the sweetest and kindest kids, making the experience very fun for all.

When snack time came, we had only four tables that seat 8. Not enough places for the kids. I looked over to another leader and said “no chairs’, meaning  we have no more chairs. She then had the great idea to put no chairs around the table. The kids stood for the snack and had a great time.

The leaders all came over and said “You said, no chairs, great idea” Yes I said “no chairs” but it was no great idea. I kept trying to saying “Yes, I meant no chairs” and they kept saying “good job”. But the credit should go to the leader that meant to say “no chairs” and mean no chair….

Miscommunication is awkward.

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