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Setting the Stage for a Successful House Sale

Three words best describe home preparation: Clean, Bright and Uncluttered. Focus the majority of your efforts into getting your home as clean as possible and into making rooms look light and bright and clutter free. When it comes to cleaning, pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Potential buyers will be looking closely at these areas, so keep them as fresh as possible during the listing period.

Declutter! You don’t want to move all that stuff anyway, so now is the time to hold a yard sale or donate to local organizations. You might also want to put excess furniture in storage while your home is being shown. This is a great way to declutter each room to make it look more spacious. There are dozens of moveable storage companies where they bring a storage box to your home, you fill it and they take it to their storage facility. It’s a lot easier to move and store items temporarily than hauling your furniture and boxes to a stationary storage facility. Just look up “portable storage companies” on the internet.

10 Basic House Staging Checklist:

  1. Clean wall to wall carpets, paying particular attention to high traffic areas.
  2. Open all the curtains and shades to let in as much natural light as possible.
  3. Wash windows inside and out and clean light fixtures.
  4. Organize and stack linens and clothing neatly in all closets.
  5. Before each showing appointment, turn on lamps and overhead lights to brighten rooms. a lot of light makes them more appealing and also helps them to appear more spacious.
  6.  Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Look for stains and other unsightly signs of use.
  7. Make sure that rooms are a comfortable temperature.
  8. Empty all trash baskets regularly.
  9. Some home selling professionals suggest removing all personal items like family photos, knickknacks, books and other items of that nature.
  10. Avoid artificial room fresheners as some people do not tolerate the scented air. Instead, if you have notice of a showing, bake some cookies and leave them out for the potential buyers. Nothing says “home” like the aroma of fresh-baked cookies.

Staging a house is just one of the important aspects of marketing your house. Some real estate agents just put your home into the system and see what happens. Unfortunately this simple marketing plan may have inborn negative affect on the house you’re selling. Coffee Real Estate professional Agents makes an individual marking plan to sell your property. It takes more work for professional real estate agents but he maximizes the property’s value.

Read more about selling a property marketing plan at: https://housingsacramento.com/selling-real-estate/house-for-sale

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