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Preparing your lawn for winter

Preparing Sacramento lawn for winter/real estate news home repair

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Now that the warm months are past, many folks don’t realize that there are a few things they should do to keep their lawn healthy for the coming year.  These are some of the more-important projects for saving your lawn from the cold.


Keep leaves from accumulating.  When leaves pile up they trap moisture and can act as a catalyst for diseases that will destroy your lawn.  In addition, these piles deprive grass of sunlight and can kill it in patches.  What is the simple solution?  Rake up leaves and dispose of them, don’t let the piles sit for too long.  It is fine to leave things out on the lawn for a few days on end, what you want to avoid is covering a spot for the majority of the winter season.


If the lawn is long now, it can smother itself and have the same effect as a pile of leaves.  You want to cut the lawn one last time before winter.  Grass becomes dormant in the cold and it won’t grow much at all during the next few months.  When spring comes around the lawn will be green, vibrant, and trimmed, right out of the gate.


One other concern is watering.  You do not need to water your lawn nearly as much as during the summer months.  In fact, if there is a decent amount of rainfall you won’t need to water at all.  Grass still needs some water to stay healthy, but the cold has stopped it from growing and the heat is no longer evaporating your irrigation efforts.  The cooler it gets, the less you should water.  Excess amounts of water will serve to increase disease growth, so be conservative with the water you apply.


Watering through the winter can cause additional problems.  Plumbing often freezes overnight if the lines are not drained before nightfall.  It is very easy to forget to drain the lines, so charging everything just to water the lawn might not be the best idea.  Just check to see if your area ever experiences sub-freezing temperatures.


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