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Making the home green energy: landscaping /real estate news home making

Living green isn’t only the right thing to do…it’s also the smart thing to do.



California is a wonderful place to live. One of the little things that make this part of the world so nice is the landscaping around people’s homes. Landscaping is a powerful method to create a green energy home.

It’s a well-known fact that energy conservation and efficiency efforts are good for the future of our planet. In addition to being good for our planet, did you know these same efforts can be good for our pocketbooks? Taking steps to minimize energy consumption can often help lower heating, cooling, water and utility bills.

General landscaping tips

•    Plant trees, shrubbery, plants and flowers that are native to your area. Plants from other locales will likely require more water, fertilizer and care, thus requiring more energy and resources, as well as time.
•    Buy drought-resistant plants that need less water.

•    Learn how much water your trees, shrubbery and plants truly need – don’t just guess. You may be overwatering them without realizing it.
•    Water in the early morning when evaporation rates are low and to give your plants moisture as heat rises.
•    Mulch plants to protect the roots, minimize evaporation and to insulate them.
•    Leave grass clippings on the lawn as natural fertilizer.

•    Start a compost pile with yard trimmings and food scraps.

Shading landscaping tips

•    Planting trees helps reduce your carbon footprint!

•    Trees planted near your home can help minimize solar heat coming in through windows and the roof, reducing air conditioning costs in warm months. In
fact, shading from trees can reduce air temperatures around a home by as much as 9º F.2
•    Deciduous trees provide shade in summer but let heat from the sun in during winter months when the trees drop their leaves. Evergreen trees provide shade year round.
•    Trees, shrubs and ground cover also shade the ground and pavement surrounding the home, reducing heat radiation into the structure.

Windbreaks landscaping tips

•    Windbreaks are landscaping elements that provide wind protection for the home, reducing wind chill and lowering heating costs.
•    The benefits of windbreaks increase as trees and shrubs grow.
•    Windbreaks are usually planted on the north and northwest sides of the home.
•    The best windbreaks use dense plantings, such as evergreen trees and shrubs.
•    For best results, place plantings close together, keeping in mind the mature plant size.
•    Windbreak plantings are often combined with a wall or fence for maximum effectiveness.

Read more in the Live Green Save Green Guide.

Green homes in California not only help with the energy usage but add to the resale value. Dan Parisi CEO of Coffee Real Estate says “Green homes are great for the environment and the owner’s assets. They will appreciate more than the energy saving.”


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