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The New Horse EPA–“Equine Property Academy”


Housing Sacramento Magazine’s (HSM) establishes the new horse EPA or “Equine Property Academy” center for horse ranch information in California. This EPA will give horse owners timely knowledge about available horse properties and their features.


The Equine Property Academy provides, free of charge, material about horse properties for sale, the detail of those properties, insights into horse property’s features, local horse tails, detail information about barns, arenas, pastures, fences and other ranch elements.


Horse properties are one of the most complicated real estate purchases homeowners can make. Horse ranches are not only places where horses live but families as well. The ability of the land to support both people and horses comfortably is not as simple as the property is zoned for horses therefore it is good horse property.


Horse ranches are as much about a life style as it is a place to live. The care and enjoyment of horses are not a casual undertaking. Horses need attention every day. The right horse property facilitates the care giving, training, cleaning, enjoyment and maintenance of the horses and facilities.


The elements of the perfect horse property vary based on the goals of the property owner. Equestrians, event riders, work horses, mini horses, dressage riders, western enthusiasts, trail riders, and horse companions, all need different attributes of a horse ranch. Training areas alone can change dramatically with the objectives of the varying equine aim.


The basic elements of a California horse ranch are barn, pasture, paddock, training area, fencing, feed and hay storage area and of course a place for people to live. All of these features can be highly specialized or very basic. It just depends on the needs and budget of the property owner. The Equine Property Academy will aid the horse owner to choose the best property available in the location they desire.


The specialized Horse Property Checklist is a powerful tool in the Equine Property Academy. The horse property checklist creates a personal specification of the needs and wants that will make for the perfect northern California foothills horse property.


The California gold country offers a rich selection of horse properties. Some are hilly and filled with trees, while others are open areas that turn that golden brown which is the mark of the Sacramento valley. What works best for each person is the ideal horse property for them. The Horse Property Checklist tool from the Equine Property Academy establishes the goal for each horse owner. It personalizes the horse property search.


The location of the horse property is paramount to the success of the horse ranch. HousingSacramento.com Equine Property Academy provides specific local searches for horse properties. Each community has a complete search of available horse property for sale. It is a one click system.


Simply choose the area where to look for that perfect horse property and click. Then an inventory of all the horse properties in that area is listed. Each property has a full detail of the property’s amenities and price. The details of the property are comprehensive. But if there are questions about a property, a licensed horse property expert is on standby to answer any query.


The Equine Property Academy by HousingSacramento.com makes shopping for horse property easier than ever. First, it has a dynamic list of horse properties for sale in local California areas. Second, it is full of horse related material. Third, it quickly and easily connects a person to a local horse property real estate expert.


Here in one place is the knowledge necessary for horse owners around Northern California who are looking for horse properties.


For more information about the Equine Property Academy and horse properties around Northern California contact Dan Parisi CEO of Coffee Real Estate and head of the equine property team of real estate experts.


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