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Sacramento home styles change with the times


One of the fascinating aspects of real estate is the changing styles of houses. If you look at Sacramento neighborhoods over the years it can tell you a lot about our society. At one time we all wanted to look alike and the cookie cutter subdivision neighborhood was born.

Then we wanted big houses with big yards for families and outdoor living. Of course government and social planners had to have their hand in housing styles. They tried urban habit trails and large building that their claim to fame is how big an exposition it takes to bring them down. It looks cool.

The image in this blog shows the national trend of homes with fewer garages and how new houses have more porches on them. Nation trends have some value, but as you know I am about what is right for the individual. Don’t let national styles dictate what you should want for your home.

The changing Sacramento home styles throughout the years offer the existing home buyer a rich variety of housing choices.  Finding that perfect house in this market is a challenge; but one I am willing to be by your side. I will use all the skills of my team to find you the house you can make into your home.

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