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Should I buy or rent in Sacramento?


The question should I buy or rent in Sacramento is a personal one. What is right for you is right. It is that simple. The hard part is getting all the good information to decide what is right for you to buy a Sacramento house or rent.

The advantages of renting have a common theme of risk.  First, only a reasonably small expenditure of money is required to rent, usually the first and last months’ rents and a security deposit. The risk is less in renting because your initial outlay is limited.

The costs are fixed when renting. You know how much your rent will be each month, so you can usually budget accordingly. There are not as many add on costs like property taxes, maintenance issues and unexpected repair costs. Budget busting expenses are limited when renting.

Renting provides greater mobility than owning. It is a lot less difficult to move when renting versus putting a house up for sale.

The advantages of home ownership in Sacramento center on value and control. Owning a house can be free of any control. But if you buy a property with CC & R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) or other restrictions you have an oversight board like home owner’s association that has some say about your property.

Buying a home can be an investment. But sometimes the investment cannot work out as planned. Houses are not a no lose investment. When deciding on where to live, the profitability of a property is not the main concern. I owned a home for 8 years and was underwater 6 of the years. But I loved living there even though the house was not worth what I paid for it.

In most cases as a homeowner the property taxes and interest payments are deductible from personal income before paying federal or state income taxes. A few more benefits of home ownership are the pride of ownership and security of feeling comfortable in a stable home.

The answer to the question should I buy or rent in Sacramento? In many cases comes down to how much risk I feel comfortable with, versus how important are value and control issues.

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