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Benefits of a home protection plan


Just as homeowner’s insurance covers the property against damage or repair based on your designated deductible, a home protection plan helps protect your home system components and appliances against costly repairs or replacements.

A home protection plan is a renewable service contract that covers many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances that are not usually covered by homeowner insurance. Home protection plans offer coverage of many of the critical major system components and appliances in a home that generally are of a high cost to repair or replace due to normal wear and tear.

Breakdowns are inevitable and always seem to happen at the worst possible time for your wallet and for your schedule. A Home Protection Plan can offer you quick relief, sensible protection and affordable coverage that could save you up to hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration. First-time homebuyers often stretch themselves financially to afford the down payment and monthly mortgage costs. Being hit with the high costs of an appliance or home system component breakdown, repair and replacement soon after moving in can be financially overwhelming.

A Home Protection Plan can be customized to your needs and finances and home components and appliances. One type of plan covers systems that cover many of the internal elements of your new home: plumbing, furnace, air conditioner, electrical and many more items of your choice. The Appliances Plan covers selected items such as refrigerators, dishwasher, clothes washer and/or dryer etc.

Just like a deductible on a homeowner’s insurance claim, many home protection plans include a trade service call fee, a nominal amount you pay for a repair.

There are a few home protection plan companies. Check around for the best one for your situation.


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