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Sacramento’s Mortgage Application Site Fast Easy and Secure


Fast, easy and secure; three words that describe ExpressRealEstateLoan.com, Housing Sacramento’s mortgage application site.

ExpressRealEstateLoan.com is fast with two types of applications. Our short application is an easy and fast way to request a mortgage. The short form is only one page. You can get mortgage prequalified with the short form.

The long form has more detail needed to complete the loan process. Our online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off. This can be a very convenient way to fill out the application.

For most people, buying a home in the Sacramento, a real estate loan or mortgage is needed.  ExpressRealEstateLoan.com long form application meets the national requirements of lending institutions.

By breaking the application down into 7 steps, the application is understandable and easy. Each area deals with one section of the application. One is basic identity like names needed for the loan.  Section two is loan information like loan amount and if it is for a primary residence. Section 3 is a little more personal information. Section 4 is employment and income. Section 5 is assets and liabilities. Section 6 is a brief declaration like have you been declared bankrupt within the past 7 years? Then a summary, just do a quick look over. Then hit submit and you’re done.

ExpressRealEstateLoan.com works with secure-loancenter.com to maintain and manage the site because of their security. This national company is used by many of the nation’s largest banks and lending institutions to safe guard clients’ information. Security is job one with this site. I will take no chances with my client’s information.

HousingSacramento.com mortgage application site, ExpressRealEstateLoan.com, is designed to be Sacramento’s Fastest, Easiest and securest mortgage application web site.

The web site also has great information about mortgages

Start the real estate loan process and see how much we can save you.




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