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key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento/real estate qualifying mortgage loans

What are the key questions when looking for a home mortgage in Sacramento?

What is the interest rate on the mortgage note?

This is the interest rate at which you will borrow the money for your home loan. This is different than the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR includes the cost of getting the loan into its calculations the APR rate.

Will I have to pay discount and or origination points?

Many lenders charge prepaid mortgage interest points to lower your interest rate. Find out how many you’ll be expected to pay and if there are any other points to be paid in the loan.

Is there mortgage yield spread premium in the loan?

This can be a big help with money out of pocket. Sometimes the mortgage yield spread premium will offset all the loan fees.

Do you understand the good faith estimate?

If your loan originator cannot help you understand your good faith estimate, find another loan person. This simple form will explain the cost of the mortgage. It is worth the effort to understand the good faith estimate.

Mortgage loans are very complicated. Work with a professional that can help you understand all the issues. When looking for a mortgage in Sacramento, asks all the questions you need to feel comfortable. You deserve the best mortgage you can get. If you have any more questions, just email or call for a personal conversation about your mortgage questions.

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