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What are CC&Rs?


What are CC&Rs? CC&R stands for Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  While this may sound redundant, there are subtle differences between these types of regulation.  All of these are agreements on the part of the buyer to do or not do certain things.  The buyer automatically agrees to these by purchasing the property.


The main difference between them is the punishment that can be doled out when an infraction occurs.


If a buyer violates a covenant, they have broken an agreement, and the seller can sue for damages or get an injunction to prevent any future violations.


If a buyer violates a condition, the seller may have the right to demand that the buyer forfeit the title of the property.

Restrictions are those regulations that are set forth by the government with regard to zoning, building, and health codes.  These regulations are imposed and enforced wherever your property is, but there can be additional restrictions in certain areas.


The majority of planned communities have CC&Rs.  But, there doesn’t need to be planned community in order for there to be CC&Rs on a property.  The majority of properties that are not part of planned communities do not have CC&Rs.  But there are exceptions, so be sure to check for CC&Rs before purchasing a property.


CC&Rs can have a meaningful impact on a life after buy a home. Dan Parisi CEO of Coffee Real Estate has the knowledge to help you understand the CC&Rs on the property.


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