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Benefits of pre qualified home mortgage Sacramento real estate/real estate qualifying mortgage loans
The Benefits of being pre-qualified for a home mortgage in the Sacramento real estate market.

The Sacramento real estate market is a very competitive location to buy a home. The benefits of being pre-qualified for a home mortgage is you have a good idea where to look for a home.

But first let’s look at the term pre-qualified. Pre-qualified for a mortgage means that loan specialist has taken a general look at your income and expenses and plugged them in to a debt-to-income ratio formula. Loan pre-qualification does not include an analysis of your credit report or an in-depth look at your potential to buy a home.

The debt-to-income ratio formula is key to qualify for a mortgage. Some lending institution and government backed loans demand a person mean a specific debt-to-income ratio. Therefore the pre-qualification process can set some limits on the amount of the loan.

The next step in the mortgage approval process is a loan pre-approval. When you get a loan pre-approved, it means a lender has looked closely at both your credit report and your income. The lender will tell you the maximum amount of loan they will offer. The pre-approval process will also reveal if there are any problems with the loan application.

Check out the pre-qualification page and if you are ready start the process. Mortgage Pre-qualification

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