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Life after a hoarder

What do you do when you’re faced with an insurmountable mess?


Creating an assessment of the project is naturally the first step.  The old adage prescription without diagnosis is malpractice can save a lot of problems in the long run. Carefully understand the nature of the problem, then plan how to take it on. Only then begin in a timely manner.

Why? If the project needs a permit in your area then there is a risk of a fine if you don’t get one. The issue of hazardous materials can derail the whole project and must be addressed up front. So taking the time up front to do a comprehensive diagnosis of all the hoarding issues will save many problems and time in the long run.

Hoarding diagnosis check list


What do you have to get rid of and where should it go?
What steps do I need to take to begin the process?
Should I do most of the work myself?
Do I need to get others involved?
Are there any time constraints to be considered?
What kind of equipment will be needed?
Will weather be a factor?
Do I need a permit or permission from any agency before I begin?
Is there anything of any value that may be able to be sold, reused or recycled?
Are there hazardous materials that will require special handling?
Will any kind of protective gear need to be worn?
Are there any safety concerns at the work site?
What are the disposal costs?

Cleaning a property after a hoarder is not a glamorous project. But few other do it yourself projects will have as much dramatic impact on the property. It will not only help with the property value but pride of ownership and enjoyment of the property.

If you are looking to sell a property that a hoarder made complicated contact Coffee Real Estatefor selling options that can ease the burdens. We can see if a fast sale “as is” is the best plan for you. Or a comparative clean and remodel to maximize the value is the right way to go for you.



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