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Homes are individual sanctuaries

Homes individual sanctuaries/stories housing home making

“Homes are individual sanctuaries, places to think, meditate and seek understanding” by life coach Sonia Hassey, emphasizes the value of your home to create an atmosphere of peace and reflection.

Finding peace and self-awareness is a deeply personal journey. Sacramento life coach Sonia Hassey takes a deeply personal journey and lets the reader share in her disappointment and failure on the way to peace and understanding. It is an intensely personal read.

“Every human being was created for a purpose and everyone has unique gifts and calling to serve in the capacity of their innate strengths.” Through a series of painful moments, the awareness of everyone’s worth filled Sonia’s life.

When the golden rule takes hold in one’s life, it makes every effort to be applied every day.  If a person smiles at someone, they most likely will smile back.  If a person strikes someone, the chances are the other person will strike back.  If a person expresses kindness, then they are almost certain to receive kindness in return.

Always help others succeed in small or big ways. People have been truly blessed to have learned many principles on personal development and have applied them to their life. This is truly enriching in many ways.

Sonia shared that she used to be deathly afraid of taking any risk at all.  In a well written article at: https://housingsacramento.com/magazine/homes-sanctuaries she thought if she would stay in her sweet little comfort zone, it would feel safe.  Little did she know that it kept her from setting goals, dreaming, and living her true purpose in life.

“People are hungry for inspiration, hope, and encouragement,” Sonia shares. Gain more understanding into a life worth living in this powerful article at Housing Sacramento Magazine



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